Testing and Reflecting ( Capabilities)

Reflective Essay: A reflection of my overall experience at the work place.

In this essay, I will give an overview of my experience at the workplace till now and the key learnings happened during this time. Working at Concentrix has definitely boosted my CV in the form of adding valuable customer services experience in New Zealand, which will boost my career in the future.

During the first week of training, I felt this job will be easy for me but as weeks passed on and finally, the real work started, I realize, it is not an easy job as it looked initially.  As this was my first job working at a contact centre, first week was very hard for me but later on I started feeling comfortable. I was overwhelmed by the work given to me, but with the help of my supervisors and fellow colleagues, I felt more confident. By observing and learning from them, I managed to pick up tips and learned different types of skills, like adjusting to the communication style for each customer and logging cases or finding articles.

Now, I am working at Concentrix for more than six months. When I look back I never thought, I would be able to adjust so comfortably to this job. Every day I try to improve myself to get better at it. In this essay I am going to reflect upon three main key learning happened during this time period

Product Knowledge

Six weeks training was done to gain full product knowledge. . Even though most of the learning happened once we are on the floor and talking to the customers but training was important as it gave me the basic know how of the product and the confidence to handle the difficult questions about the product from customers.

Now, i read articles and emails to keep up my knowledge of the new products and the modification made to the existing products. I personally started using the product to get used to it in order to help customers in a better way.

Technical Knowledge

During training, technical side of the product was also learnt but for me lot of learning happened once i started taking calls. Initially, the hold time used to be long as i needed assistance but now i more confident in handling customers. Apart from that, my quality coach is always there to help. I had one to one sessions with my coach regarding technical issues. Even now, if i am marked down on any technical issue, i try to gain the understanding of the problem so that it should not happen again in the future.

Communication skills

Communication is undoubtedly one of the most important skills for this job. Being able to communicate effectively and clearly was challenging at the start. It is important to adjust the communication style every time on each call according to the customer. It may seem very hard but i have learnt this skill over the time and applying it to my workplace. The way i learnt this skill is different from what i did previously. I actually listened to others how they talk to the customers, their style and tone. Also, i talked to my colleagues how to adjust the communication style on each call. Working at Concentrix has given me a great experience talking to different types of customers and also from different cultures and languages. I would like to improve this skill continuously in future.

Team Work

Working to improve the performance of the whole team is a significant part of the job. Our goal as a team was to reach 90% Satisfied Surveys, 16 minutes Average Call Handling Time, and One minute After Call Work. One to one meeting was held with the team leader to discuss my areas where i can improve to achieve those targets. Also group meetings were also held to discuss, what can be done as a team to improve the performance. It was decided to use Yammer regularly to post if someone learns something new and can be useful for the whole team. I also started contributing by regularly posting about difficulties or successes on the calls in order to get some suggestions from other team members. This also gives us a chance to interact with all the team members. Personally i had not faced any issues with my team members and team leader. Still, i think i don’t know some of the members personally, i would like to have a team building day to interact with all the members of the team.

In conclusion, I would say that self-awareness is also an essential part of interaction skills. Concentrix has undoubtedly enhanced my employability by developing key skills such as communication, technical, team work and customer services. I can proudly list all these skills on my CV and future job applications.

Reflection as a team member of young minds

I joined Young Minds when i started my study at Unitec. I believe it is great platform to get a hands on experience of the theoretical knowledge while studying. It will give me an upper edge while applying for jobs in future. Young Minds is entirely a team work effort. It gave me a wonderful experience on how team works. As the team works for small to medium size businesses, it gave a real insight on to how marketing being done especially digital marketing. Before starting any kind of marketing plan, we have to understand the business and its customers, then we have to think what kind of marketing would be better for a specific business. The businesses which i dealt with were usually having small budgets that also gave me an experience how to use that budget to get the maximum return on investment. In future, i would like to continue working with young minds to get more experience until i finish my study. After that i would like to work full time in a marketing role or in customer services role with a marketing focus.