Developing New Capabilities

Senior Product Specialist

In future, I want to upskill for the senior product specialist role at my work place. Following on from the experience as a front- line agent, I want to develop into the role of the senior support. Skills required for this role includes ability to handle all types of customers, high level of product and technical knowledge.

My strategy for the above includes

  • Improving performance on regular basis
  • Gaining knowledge of the product by reading articles or discussing with my quality coach and partners
  • Commitment towards my working hours


Quality Coach

After gaining experience as a senior product specialist my goal is to be a quality coach. Skills I need to develop for a coach includes job excellence, listening, questioning, supporting and encouraging. The coach can be extremely helpful when advisors have an issue on a call.

My strategy to achieve my goal

  • Complete knowledge of the product
  • Expert in technical know-how of the product
  • Complete knowledge of the processes being followed at all stages of the centre ( Tier 1 or Tier 2)
  • Observing my quality coach carefully to understand more about the nature of the job.