Become an authority and influencer in your industry

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We create great content, keep up our social media updated with it, but unless we have loyal and interested followers, we won’t get much return. So it’s important to engage with the followers. According to Cat Fyson , if you really want your content to reach significant audiences, you need to be working harder to engage with those who are influential in your particular niche – i.e. those that are communicating with your target audience, not your existing one.

Influencers are the people to whom others come for advice. They have a loyal following because they add value to their industry


What makes someone an Authority?

John Lincoin explained in his article that everyone is looking for the content which is useful and powerful but influencers create high quality information. They continue to improve themselves and their work. Becoming an influencer is an ongoing process.

Jamie Oliver is the perfect example of an influencer in the food industry. According to Kavi Guppta Jamie isn’t educating his viewers on his products. He’s educating his audience on how to do tasks that are related to his products and his expertise. That’s a technique that some marketers fail to grasp: educate your users on how they can better perform certain tasks because of your product—don’t just educate them on your product. Quick tutorials on salad dressings, pasta dishes, and simple recipes teach viewers the basic techniques to cook like he does, and to enjoy the best ingredients. He’s not plugging his own olive oil brand throughout the segment. He’s not raving about how great his style of pan is in the kitchen. He’s busy teaching people how to enjoy good food. What good are kitchen products if his customers don’t know how to use them?


Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube expands his TV empire to digital media

Create and Share Relevant and Unique Content

It is imperative to choose your content keeping in mind your target audience. Use your expertise to solve their problems, entertain them in specific and meaningful ways. If people see you as an expert on certain topic they will follow you. Work with other influencers to create more effective content. That way you can reach a new target community.

According to AmiLin McClure  Daniel Lubetzsky became influencer in the food industry by starting the Do The Right Thing Campaign. He also founded Kind Healthy Snacks after realizing there was a need for more appetizing and nutritious snack foods.


Finally, I will summarize few points to be an influencer

  • Know what an influencer does
  • Create and share relevant content
  • Engage with your audience at all platforms like social media.
  • Educate yourself continuously and add value
  • Educate your audience

I would like to hear more about how to be a good influencer, if you have any suggestions and tips please share below in the comments section. I would love to hear from you.


Beginner’s Guide To Programmatic Buying

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Programmatic Buying

There has been lot of change for marketers over the years, but one thing remains the same: the desire to connect with people in all the moments that matter. This is why brands spend a great deal of time and resources to gain audience insights. But how do we make sure we are reaching the right people at the right time? This is where programmatic buying technology comes into play.

According to Sean Downey, Programmatic buying allows brands to use audience insights and technology to tailor messages to the right person, at the right moment, in the right context. It helps brands respond to the real-time signals on an impression-by-impression basis across screens and across channels.

How is it the game changer?

Programmatic unlocks advertising opportunities previously closed off to smaller advertisers who may have previously found the cost of engaging a large media agency prohibitive. According to Nigel Abbott , Smaller and boutique agencies can now offer their clients the same advertising opportunities as those agencies higher up the food chain. This is a huge game changer for smaller agencies who gain a piece of the action, previously the purview of only a few. Smaller agencies can now become full services agencies, gaining a bigger piece of the client pie.

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How to implement programmatic buying

  1. Measure what matters- Recent Google research shows, among other things, that 56.1% of all served ad impressions are not seen. Metrics mean nothing if an ad isn’t seen. A new measurement metric, the viewable impression, now gives marketers better insight into whether people actually saw their ads. And that’s the point, right? If they didn’t see your ad, you’re guaranteed that they didn’t interact with it. Being able to measure programmatic buys based on this metric means that your creative really will have a chance to make an impact.
  2. Inventory Quality- With programmatic buying, brands have access to vast amounts of inventory, data, and targeting. In fact, eMarketer predicts that 83% of all display buys will be programmatic by 2017. As the numbers rise, inventory quality will become even more of a priority as brands strive to get the content and context right. Significant innovation in areas like verification and fraud detection are helping rectify many longstanding inventory quality issues, and verification solutions will help marketers protect both their brand and budget by ensuring that inventory is placed in only “safe” environments.
  3. Make mobile and video priority- With consumers constantly connected, marketers face a challenge in reaching and engaging people wherever they are. In fact, according to Mary Meeker’s 2014 Internet Trends report, while 20% of the time is spent on media is within a mobile environment, only 4% of the U.S.’s advertising spend is allocated to mobile. The good news is that the reach of programmatic across screens, channels, and formats makes the opportunity to connect with people, wherever they are, achievable.

The video below will help you understand more about Programmatic buying

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The Power of Research- how to analyze your competitors on social media


Building a social media strategy is vital before publishing  content on any social platform, and analyzing competitors is another important part of that strategy. According to Ana Gottar  even if you are in the same industry, with similar target market, your competitors can have a different perspective on things than you do.By tracking competitors on social media, we get to know the latest trends in industry, and the content they are putting out that their fans and followers respond to.

Few steps to analyse your competition and thus build your strategy to grow on social media

1. Research your Industry environment

The first step towards this would be to analyse what competitors are doing. This may include what type of content is getting shared on social media, which content is working for your competitors? There are some tools to measure that, and BuzzSumo is one of them. For example- a company like Ecostore may be interested in finding what is shared on the chemical free cleaners in past 6 months. Below is the screen shot of content shared on that.

screenshot 1

There are other tools like Topsy which can be used for checking out whats being shared. According to  Andrianes Piantoan , it is important to know where our competitors are getting traffic from, social is just a small part. It is imperative to look for rankings in terms of SEO. This will give you the information which articles get the most SEO Traffic.

2. Create Alerts

Develop and set up competitor’s alerts by creating custom feeds to keep an eye on competitor’s activities. “TweetDeck” and “Facebook Pages To Watch” can be used for twitter and Facebook monitoring.


B2B marketers can study which platform to watch for and then can plan their strategy. Also, tracking influencers give a better idea about who is talking and sharing competitor’s content and their customers.

3. Implement that information

As now you know what your competitors are doing and your market, figure out where do you fit in this picture? We have got the information, now use this data to improve the performance of your business.

One of the technique you can use is Skyscraper Technique which says find the old content that worked well and mould it to make it even better.


This strategy has done wonders in terms of boosting social media shares and thus increase traffic to the business website overall.

You can also use this information to boost your relation with your competitors , afterall they are the peers from the same industry and you never know you might be able to help each other out.  Here are some more reads for tracking your competitors

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So do you keep an eye on your competitors on social media? And do you use that information to promote your business? Please leave a comment below if you think you know some better techniques and ideas to perform better on social platforms.

5 Basic Business Goals for Effective Content Marketing

Understanding content marketing can be complex sometimes. It is the art of communicating with your customers and prospects without selling them. But according to Sonia Simone  : Content by itself- even terrific content- is just content. It is imperative to understand business and marketing goals to make your content effective.

Content Marketing would be a meaningless exercise without setting business goals. Here are some effective business goals to look out before starting a content marketing strategy.

1  Brand Awareness

It is important to build a strong brand presence in the market place and content marketing is a great vehicle for that as it is organic, authentic and a great way to start engagement with your brand. Fast-casual chain Chipotle Mexican Grill added some spice to its long-running “Food With Integrity” sustainable farming campaign by teaming with Academy Award-winning design firm Moonbot Studios for The Scarecrow, an animated short film and accompanying mobile game created to increase consumer awareness of animal confinement, synthetic growth hormones, toxic pesticides and other fixtures of industrial food production

The content should be compelling so that it can attract links, social media sharing and conversation

2 Find out your prospects pain points

It is important to understand the problems of your buyer personas and how to solve them. Smart content marketing always create space for queries for the target audience to increase the engagement with your brand. National Health Service UK does this by having comprehensive bank of content  for almost any ailment on their website.

NHS content marketing

3  Make your offering appear perfect for your prospects

One of the best strategy to do this is story telling. It is a powerful tool as it shows what it is like to own your product. Hampton Creek has done this very nicely. They started out with their first product, Just Mayo, with no eggs. Company wants to create a world that is kinder to animals and environment.

Hampton Creek Just Mayo Stories ReferralCandy

4 Lead nurturing

One of the important part of inbound marketing is conversion metrics. According to Joe Pulizzi, a lead is someone who is encouraged to the stage that he is ready to give enough information about themselves, that now you have  acquiescence to market them. This can be registering for a trial or a newsletter subscription. Use your content accordingly to help your prospects move further in their buying stage.

5 Delight your customers

Building strong relationship with the existing customer can be the the most important pillar in achieving your business goal. Delight your customers in such a way that they become  brand evangelists. Michele Linn explains how Tourism Australia aims to make their audience the hero

These are some goals to start with, you can figure out your own goals and map a content strategy to meet those goals. There is some more information by  Sarah Goliger  on how to measure your content marketing goals. If you have any other information to share please feel free to comment below.

Easy steps for creating an impressive content on Social media

Are you using content marketing as your strategy? Do you think you are lacking somewhere? Providing valuable content for your audience can help you stand out on  social platforms. Here are some tips to raise your social media performance with  astounding content

1. Create Brand awareness by targeting readers not just buyers.

According to  Sarah Quinn   it is important to do research on reader persona. A reader persona is a person who would not buy anything from you but would like to read and share your content. It is equally important to target your reader persona as they extend your reach and good source of word of mouth marketing. For example, a person who is interested in organic foods and grows his own food for that purpose, an organic food company can create a content that can help him with his home farming.

2. Always use positive content

Most likely people will share your content if it is positive, interesting and also educational for them. For instance, Ecostore shared this to promote its baby products

Tips for bathing your baby

3. Use data to influence target audience

Sometimes adding data can influence your target audience. Adding relevant data is a great way to increase value you deliver.

This type of information can be valuable for a health conscious consumer.

4. Research on what your audience desires

Create your content keeping in mind what type of audience you are targeting. Some would like flashy and fun stuff, others would like to see simple but elegant content. Ecostore always uses simple but effective content approach. Their social posts are loaded with healthy tips and solutions.

5. Support a charity

According to Vinay Koshy , if you are supporting a non profit organisation highlight that in your content at social media. This generates likes and shares for your posts. If any of your employees or company leaders are speaking at a charity event, record the remarks and upload to the company’s facebook page. In this facebook post health basics shared the status of Bird rescue charitable trust showing their contribution towards it.

New Zealand Bird Rescue Charitable Trust's photo.
We are blown away by all the community support lately. Big Bird Rescue thank you to Health Basics - for once again donating hand wash to our charity .

6. Engage with your Audience

Lastly but most importantly engage with your fans. The best way is to ask questions, reply to their comments. Vogel’s are very good in engaging with their audiences, the facebook post below shows how well they engage with their customers.

 The Vogel’s | Frizzell loaves are almost gone. Hurry down and grab yours before they’re toast. 
Vogel's photo.

So what do you think about the content? Do you have any other ideas to influence your target market? I would love to hear them, please leave a comment if you want to share some more tips for social media content. Here are some more links to read regarding content marketing using social platforms

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If you have any comments please share your thoughts with me below.