5 Basic Business Goals for Effective Content Marketing

Understanding content marketing can be complex sometimes. It is the art of communicating with your customers and prospects without selling them. But according to Sonia Simone  : Content by itself- even terrific content- is just content. It is imperative to understand business and marketing goals to make your content effective.

Content Marketing would be a meaningless exercise without setting business goals. Here are some effective business goals to look out before starting a content marketing strategy.

1  Brand Awareness

It is important to build a strong brand presence in the market place and content marketing is a great vehicle for that as it is organic, authentic and a great way to start engagement with your brand. Fast-casual chain Chipotle Mexican Grill added some spice to its long-running “Food With Integrity” sustainable farming campaign by teaming with Academy Award-winning design firm Moonbot Studios for The Scarecrow, an animated short film and accompanying mobile game created to increase consumer awareness of animal confinement, synthetic growth hormones, toxic pesticides and other fixtures of industrial food production

The content should be compelling so that it can attract links, social media sharing and conversation

2 Find out your prospects pain points

It is important to understand the problems of your buyer personas and how to solve them. Smart content marketing always create space for queries for the target audience to increase the engagement with your brand. National Health Service UK does this by having comprehensive bank of content  for almost any ailment on their website.

NHS content marketing

3  Make your offering appear perfect for your prospects

One of the best strategy to do this is story telling. It is a powerful tool as it shows what it is like to own your product. Hampton Creek has done this very nicely. They started out with their first product, Just Mayo, with no eggs. Company wants to create a world that is kinder to animals and environment.

Hampton Creek Just Mayo Stories ReferralCandy

4 Lead nurturing

One of the important part of inbound marketing is conversion metrics. According to Joe Pulizzi, a lead is someone who is encouraged to the stage that he is ready to give enough information about themselves, that now you have  acquiescence to market them. This can be registering for a trial or a newsletter subscription. Use your content accordingly to help your prospects move further in their buying stage.

5 Delight your customers

Building strong relationship with the existing customer can be the the most important pillar in achieving your business goal. Delight your customers in such a way that they become  brand evangelists. Michele Linn explains how Tourism Australia aims to make their audience the hero

These are some goals to start with, you can figure out your own goals and map a content strategy to meet those goals. There is some more information by  Sarah Goliger  on how to measure your content marketing goals. If you have any other information to share please feel free to comment below.


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