Easy steps for creating an impressive content on Social media

Are you using content marketing as your strategy? Do you think you are lacking somewhere? Providing valuable content for your audience can help you stand out on  social platforms. Here are some tips to raise your social media performance with  astounding content

1. Create Brand awareness by targeting readers not just buyers.

According to  Sarah Quinn   it is important to do research on reader persona. A reader persona is a person who would not buy anything from you but would like to read and share your content. It is equally important to target your reader persona as they extend your reach and good source of word of mouth marketing. For example, a person who is interested in organic foods and grows his own food for that purpose, an organic food company can create a content that can help him with his home farming.

2. Always use positive content

Most likely people will share your content if it is positive, interesting and also educational for them. For instance, Ecostore shared this to promote its baby products

Tips for bathing your baby

3. Use data to influence target audience

Sometimes adding data can influence your target audience. Adding relevant data is a great way to increase value you deliver.

This type of information can be valuable for a health conscious consumer.

4. Research on what your audience desires

Create your content keeping in mind what type of audience you are targeting. Some would like flashy and fun stuff, others would like to see simple but elegant content. Ecostore always uses simple but effective content approach. Their social posts are loaded with healthy tips and solutions.

5. Support a charity

According to Vinay Koshy , if you are supporting a non profit organisation highlight that in your content at social media. This generates likes and shares for your posts. If any of your employees or company leaders are speaking at a charity event, record the remarks and upload to the company’s facebook page. In this facebook post health basics shared the status of Bird rescue charitable trust showing their contribution towards it.

New Zealand Bird Rescue Charitable Trust's photo.
We are blown away by all the community support lately. Big Bird Rescue thank you to Health Basics - for once again donating hand wash to our charity .

6. Engage with your Audience

Lastly but most importantly engage with your fans. The best way is to ask questions, reply to their comments. Vogel’s are very good in engaging with their audiences, the facebook post below shows how well they engage with their customers.

 The Vogel’s | Frizzell loaves are almost gone. Hurry down and grab yours before they’re toast. 
Vogel's photo.

So what do you think about the content? Do you have any other ideas to influence your target market? I would love to hear them, please leave a comment if you want to share some more tips for social media content. Here are some more links to read regarding content marketing using social platforms

Social media and content marketing tips

Guide to social content marketing

If you have any comments please share your thoughts with me below.


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