Why honesty is critical for health and wellness industry

This famous saying “Honesty is the best policy” is still extremely powerful in the 21st century. Honesty is a key factor for a business which deals with health and wellness and especially for its marketing.It is important for marketers  to understand the importance of being transparent. This article by Doug Kessler explains some captivating rationales for accepting the shortcomings of a business
I strongly believe in being honest when marketing your business because as a customer i would like to be treated fairly
and has the right to know about the shortcomings of a product or a service.
Here are some ideas of re-modelling your marketing strategy using honesty

1. Don’t afraid to accept your shortcomings

Not every product or service is perfect for everyone. Not even Apple. That is why it is important for marketers to admit
their imperfections. As Don Peppers quoted this as
“if you want to succeed , you will need your customers to see you as reliable, dependable, credible, helpful, respectful,
open, responsive and honest”
 Johnson and Johnson accepted their shortcomings and took the initiative by removing some unwanted and harsh chemicals from their baby products. This astounding video by J&J is an excellent example of  refining your products or services according to customer needs.

2. Appreciate your competitors

I know it is hard to praise your competitions but we as marketers cannot even ignore them after all we are on the same boat serving similar customers in the similar industry.
When a customer chooses your brand, he wants to feel safe. If you are not the right brand for the job, don’t hesitate to refer them to your competition. You might lose that one particular sale but you have succeeded in gaining a new brand evangelist. Brand evangelists are worth risking a sale.

3. Accept your mistakes

Accepting mistakes don’t make you weak, but it makes you awesome. Even big brands like Dominos pizza didn’t hesitate to accept their mistakes.
Domino’s pizza took customers comments like “Dominos pizza crust is like cardboard” seriously and decided to start over. The company accepted their mistake through ads, made improvements and the results were rewarding. Customers described them as “bold and refreshing”
In conclusion, it may feel scary or anti-marketing but is the best practice for successful marketing.
Don’t forget to read the following links for more interesting facts about sincerity in marketing and some excellent examples

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